14th National Stakeholders’ Forum Objectives

The main objective of the Stakeholders Forum is to re-echo the issue of flooding and its damaging effects in Nigeria with a view to devising an agreed checkmate on the problem.

Other Objectives include:

  • To strategize for effective synergy with line MDAs and law enforcement Agencies in preventing flood disaster in Nigeria.
  • To explore the beneficial use of flood, water for Agricultural and other developmental purposes.
  • To evaluate the activities of neighboring countries with regards to flood control in Nigeria.
  • To re-awaken the consciousness of the regulated community on the efforts being made to avert flooding in Nigeria.
  • To seek the co-operation and attitudinal change of the regulated community and Stakeholders against the causes of flooding in Nigeria.


The target audience comprises all stakeholders and sector players at national, state and local government levels, as well as those in the public and private sector whose activities have direct or indirect bearing on environment.  These include but not limited to:

  1. All major Stakeholders and sector players at National, State, and Local Government levels, in the area of Water Resources, Dam and Reservoirs Management, Coastal Zone Management, Disaster Risk Managers Environmental Managers;
  2. Public and private sector participants;
  3. Civil Society;
  4. Academia, Citizens and individuals;
  5. Legislature;
  6. Judiciary;
  7. Members of the International Community/Development Partners;
  8. Relevant MDAs;
  9. Law Enforcement Officers and
  10. The Media.