12th Stakeholders’ Forum Objectives

The overarching objective of the Forum is to deepen the knowledge and understanding of circular economy and environmental governance in the country and how best to mainstream the concepts into our national environmental protection and sustainable development agenda.

The specific objectives of the Forum are to:

  • Create awareness and foster an understanding of the concepts and elements of circular economy and environmental governance and their linkages within the context of environmental protection and sustainable development;
  • Provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge and information amongst key sector players, whose activities and operations have strong bearing on the generation of major waste streams such as electronic waste, plastic waste, waste batteries, etc.;
  • Explore available best practices and options in environmental governance towards achieving circular economy;
  • Highlight waste-to-wealth initiatives and other opportunities inherent in the practice of circular economy; and
  • Review progress in the implementation of the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programme in Nigeria towards the promotion of circular economy.

Target Audience

The target audience would comprise all stakeholders and sector players at national, state and local government levels, as well as those in public and private sector whose activities have direct or indirect bearing on environment. Other participants shall include the academia, research institutions, legislators, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), community leaders, members of the International Community/Development Partners, and the Media.