The Forum Process

The Stakeholders’ Forum shall be a 2-day event, tentatively from 29th to 30th October, 2019. There shall be opening and closing ceremonies, plenary and working groups in break-away parallel sessions.

The Forum shall have an overall Chairman, who shall also be the Plenary Session Chairman. A Sub-Chairman and Rapporteurs shall be appointed for each working group. There shall also be a Rapporteur General for the Forum.

A lead paper shall be presented during the Opening Ceremony.  The lead paper is intended to assist in guiding and focusing deliberations in the Working Groups. The title of the lead paper shall be ‘Water Pollution: Innovative Solutions for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement.”

There shall be four (4) thematic papers as follows:

  1. Partnership: A Tool for Enhancing Water Quality in Nigeria.

  2. Environmental Advocacy and Volunteerism: A tool for Improving Environmental Health and Curbing Water Epidemics.

  3. Water Pollution and Sustainable Development: Causes, Effects and Innovative Solutions.

  4. Effective Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement: A Key to Combating Water Pollution in Nigeria.