The Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programme is a framework of action for a collaborative and partnership approach between Government, Business and the larger society towards achieving a zero waste society in the near future. The overall objective of the EPR programme is to ensure a decreased in the total environmental impact from a product including its packaging.

This is to be achieved by making the Producers of the product responsible for the entire lifecycle of the product, and in particular, the take-back, recycling and final disposal of the product and its packaging. The Primary responsibility of EPR lies with the Producer, who makes designs and marketing decisions.

The National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA) has commenced the registration of Operators in the EPR Programme, including Producers, PRO, Recyclers and Collectors. Interested operators are to Download the Registration Forms for the EPR Programme.

The Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Programme will have the following operators:

  1. Producer: the most responsive entity which may include but is not limited to the brand owner, manufacturer, franchisee, assembler, filler, distributor, retailer or first importer of the product who sells, offer for sale, or distributes the product. Click Here to Download Form
  2. Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO): a third party organization formed to enable Producers to collectively manage or manage on their behalf, the mandatory take back scheme or other Product Stewardship Programmes. Click Here to Download Form
  3. Recycler: a person or organization who reprocesses waste for the original purpose or for other purposes. Click Here to Download Form
  4. Collector: a person or organization that operates a Centre or point where wastes are collected or stored temporarily for the purpose of recycling. Click Here to Download Form

Completed application form with relevant attachments shall be submitted (in hard copies) to the NESREA Office nearest to the facility. The following documents must accompany each completed application form:

    1. Evidence of payment (official revenue receipt) for the appropriate Processing Fee paid into TSA;
    2. Certificate of Incorporation/ Memorandum of Association etc;
    3. Tax Clearance for the last 3 years;
    4. Evidence of Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) – where applicable;
    5. Evidence of affiliation with any internationally/ nationally recognized stewardship organization for PRO/Recycler – where applicable;
    6. Environmental Management Plan (EMP) – where applicable;
    7. Evidence of registration with PRO in the case of operator as a Producer;
    8. Schematic drawings, layout of factory/warehouse for Producer/Recycler/Collector;
    9. Environmental Audit Report (EAR) – where applicable; and
    10. Evidence of previous jobs executed (if any).

All completed application forms along with the necessary documents shall be acknowledged by the Agency within 7 working days of receipt; and the Agency may upon assessment of the application request the applicant to furnish additional information within a specified period.

The statutory fees include:
A. Annual Registration Fees
i. Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) – N50,000.00
ii. Recyclers – N50,000.00
iii. Collectors – N50,000.00

If the Application is approved, the Agency shall first notify the Applicant of such approval, including the assessed Annual Fee to be paid within a specified period. On payment of the Annual Fee, the Agency shall issue the appropriate certificate accordingly.