Our Strategy

As part of the NESREA strategies towards effective implementation of her mandate, the Agency shall:

  • Ensure inter-sectoral linkages between relevant bodies with respect to development planning and decision making processes;
  • Adopt a system of national accounting to internalize environmental costs;
  • Develop environmental awareness programmes for nationwide implementation;
  • Embark on continuous compliance monitoring and environmental enforcement programmes;
  • Promote voluntary environmental compliance programmes;
  • Undertake aggressive public awareness campaign and advocacy at all levels to properly communicate the concept of voluntary compliance and should enlist the support and participation of all key stakeholders including trade unions, professional and business associations, civil society organisations, traditional, natural and faith-based organizations;
  • Conduct baseline studies on the state of the Nigerian environment and build a databank;
  • Monitor the state of the Nigerian environment on a continuous basis and publish regular reports to guide policy formulation and decision-making;
  • Promote the development of local technologies to aid compliance to environmental legislation;
  • Create fora for dialogue, exchange of information and experience as well as build consensus and partnerships among all stakeholders;
  • Develop environmental education curricula in the area of compliance monitoring and enforcement for integration into formal and informal education system;
  • Develop new, and the review of existing obsolete environmental guidelines, regulations and standards; and
  • Initiate regular sector-specific consultative meetings for sharing of ideas and experience, and better dissemination of information.