Our Activities

NESREA As An Advisor

As an Environmental Advisor, NESREA provides expert advice to governments, institutions and organisations on environment and environment-related matters. The Agency also provides guidance to businesses to help promote efficient and sustainable use of natural resources and minimize negative impact of business on the environment.

NESREA shares and exchanges information with the public including key stakeholders through the following:

  • Hosting and participation in local and international meetings and negotiations;
  • Publishing and circulating of her quarterly Newsletter, NESREANEWS;
  • Airing of a Weekly Radio and TV Programmes, NESREA WATCH;
  • Hosting of the Annual National Stakeholders’ Forum. The 6th edition was held from 26 – 27 November, 2012;
  • Networking and International Cooperation;
  • Environmental Advocacy, Communication, Advice and Public awareness;
  • Implementation of her Environmental Public Awareness Master Plan (EPAMP); and
  • Operating a web-based data system for monitoring and managing information and feedback as an effective mechanism for coordinating environmental awareness programmes in Nigeria.