national environmental standards and
regulations enforcement agency (NESREA)


September 21st, 2020 Posted In: Environmental Protection

The Director General of NESREA Prof. Aliyu Jauro Carried out an inspection visit to Grand Cereals, where he met the Managing Director, Mr. Alexander Goma.

During the visit, Prof. Jauro stressed the need for companies to always abide by laid down environmental regulations in their production processes. He commended the company for their high level of compliance.

He was also at a mining site operated by Serguis Mines, behind Rayfield resort Gut Rayfield in the State and frowned at the unsustainable manner in which the company carried out its operations.

He encouraged the miners to come together and work as a cooperative so that by working together, they are better organized to do the right thing and follow the rules.

“They can come together as a co-operative. It is in their own interest because this is their environment. If they do it in a sustainable manner, then after the mining they can use the land for farming.”

He said the Agency had been sensitizing them and warned that NESREA will not hesitate to wield the big stick and sanction them.

“The environment is highly decimated. They don’t reclaim the land and the workers are at risk since they don’t use any Personal Protective Equipment. We always want people to comply voluntarily and in this case non-compliance can attract a fine, jail term or both.”