Eco-Guard Certification

Eco-guard Certification is issued to facilities that are in the pre-construction and construction stages of their projects. The certificate enables facilities to be environment-friendly in their operations and to also comply effectively with the relevant environmental standards and regulations, especially on construction issues to do with Air Quality and Waste & Toxic Substances pending when the facilities commence operations.

Eco-Guard Certification looks at the impacts of pre-construction and construction activities of facilities on the Ecosystem. Some of these impacts may include: Surface and Ground water disturbances (siltation), soil excavation/erosion, release or spill of oil/lubricants from construction equipment, fugitive dust from surface-soil disturbances and ground excavation activities, use of heavy equipment and machines, increase in vehicle movement and access to the site, displacement of endangered, threatened or rare species of flora and fauna, local vegetation and wildlife, generation of solid and domestic wastes, among others.

Completed application form with relevant attachments shall be submitted (in hard copies) to the NESREA Office nearest to the facility. The following documents must accompany each completed application form:
• Evidence of payment (official revenue receipt) for Processing Fee;
• Certificate of Incorporation;
• Tax Clearance for the last 3 years;
• Evidence of Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) – where applicable; and
• Environmental Management Plan (EMP).

All completed application forms along with the necessary documents, shall be acknowledged by the Agency within 7 working days of receipt; and the Agency may upon assessment of the application request the applicant to furnish additional information within a specified period.

The statutory fees include:
i. Processing Fee N40,000;
ii. Annual Certification Fee Variable; and
iii. Annual Renewal Fee Variable.

If the Application is approved, the Agency shall first notify the applicant of such approval, including the assessed Eco-Guard Fee to be paid within a specified period. On payment of the Eco-Guard Fee by the applicant, the Agency shall issue the appropriate certificate and the conditions therein.