Guidelines for Submission of Bank EAR

The Environmental Audit Report of a Bank must contain information on the following:

  • GPS coordinates of branch in degrees decimal and elevation in meters above sea level;
  • Noise level, daytime & night time;
  • Source of Energy, daytime & night time (PHCN, Generator, Solar);
  • Air quality;
  • Vibration containment measures;
  • Oil pollution mitigation measures including bund wall;
  • Waste types, volume & handling measures;
  • Evidence of registration with PRO (if they import Electrical/Electronic Equipment);
  • Evidence of release of E-waste & Used Batteries to EPRON & ARBR (PROs); and
  • Methods for handling E-waste, Used Batteries and Expired ATM cards.

Submission of completed EAR.

  • Submission shall be made in soft copies (hard drive or flash drive) with a printed covering letter showing the summary of audited branches with location on Local Government basis in each State;
  • The submission shall have in soft copy the list of all bank branches audited in an Excel sheet comprising bank branch name, the bank addresses including LGA and State with the location coordinates (in degree decimal); and
  • A one-page summary providing all information required in the guideline per branch.

Payment for the EAR/EMP shall be considered based on the following criteria:

  • Head Office: Certification fee for EAR is N150,000.00;
  • Regional Office: Certification fee for EAR is N150,000.00 per Regional Office;
  • Branches: Certification fee for EAR is N100,000.00 per Branch; and
  • Cash Offices: Certification fee for EMP is N50,000.00 per Cash Office.