Requirements For NESREA Environmental Import Clearance And Certification Of Importers Of Used Electrical Electronic Equipment

The National Environmental Standards and Regulations Agency (NESREA) is implementing and fully enforcing the submission of Environmental Import Clearance by importers of items under the Agency’s purview and Importers are required to adhere to the set procedures.

The Environmental Import Clearance is to regulate imported items to ensure that banned chemical and hazardous substances are not imported into Nigeria as well as to ensure that end-of-life of the items is considered under the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programme as required by law.

Many items and products are regulated by NESREA in Nigeria. The requirement for product is categorized into three broad groups:

  • Chemicals;
  • Electrical Electronic Equipment;
  • Small and Large Industrial Equipment;
  • Motor Vehicle Auto parts; and
  • Mixed items.


Write an application to the agency stating the intention to obtain an Environmental Import Clearance or Used Electrical Electronic Equipment Import Certificate. Address the application to:

The Director General/CEO
National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency(NESREA)
4, Oro Ago Crescent, Off Muhammadu Buhari Way, Garki II,


Provide required documents for certificate processing. Documents required to be submitted with the application will depend on the type of Clearance or certificate requested as indicated below:

1.  Chemicals

  1. Proforma Invoice
  2. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
  3. Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) Tax Clearance Certificate; and
  4. Certificate of Incorporation from the Corporate Affairs Commission

2.  Electrical Electronic Equipment

2.1 Brand New EEE

  1. A completed Registration form for EEE import
  2. Proforma Invoice

2.2 Used Electrical Electronic Equipment (UEEE) Import Certificate

  1. A completed Registration form for EEE import;
  2. Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) Tax Clearance Certificate;
  3. Certificate of Incorporation from the Corporate Affairs Commission; and
  4. Evidence of payment as a registered Import.

2.3 Small and Large Industrial Equipment, Motor Vehicle Auto Parts and Mixed Items

  1. Proforma Invoice


Submit the application together with your completed registration form where applicable and attach the required documents. It is important to strictly adhere to all the requirement expected of you by the agency.


After submission and assessment of the documents, a response will be forwarded to the importer with information on payment requirements. Upon fulfillment of all necessary requirements, you will be issued an Environmental Import Clearance. It takes a maximum of 48 hours to process and issue Environmental Import Clearance or Certificate if all the necessary requirements are met.

For more information about the NESREA certification procedure, requirements Zonal and state offices visit the website at Alternatively, you could send an email to the agency at and