Our Structure

Planning & Policy Analysis Department


The mission of the Department is to ensure effective mainstreaming of existing and emerging policy issues into the mandate of the Agency through effective planning and public education including application of information management system and the building of viable partnerships at all levels.

The Department has three Divisions:

  • Policy Analysis and Cooperation (PAC);
  • Planning and Information Management (PIM); and
  • Environmental Education and Awareness (EEA)

Mandate Includes

  • To coordinate the development of strategic plans with measurable targets for short, medium and long term goals of the Agency;
  • To prepare guidelines for planning, managing and monitoring of the Agency’s activities including the development of indicators for programme monitoring;
  • To create a network of environmental experts who will work closely with NESREA in achieving the objectives of the Agency;
  • To coordinate capacity building and institutional strengthening at Headquarters, Zonal and State Offices;
  • To prepare state of the environment report and other periodic reports as may be required, in collaboration with other departments in line with the mandate of the Agency;
  • To identify, analyze and document best environmental practices particularly in the area of environmental regulations and compliance;
  • To establish Effective Public Awareness Programmes, Environmental Regulations and Standards Compliance for Target Groups;
  • To establish and operationalize a Modern Library Services for the Agency;
  • To encourage Cooperation Programs with the Development Partners;
  • To establish a Robust Information Management System with Internet Facilities, appropriate Environmental Reporting System (ERS) and functional Databank;
  • To promote Effective Public/Private Sector Partnership in Environmental Regulation and Compliance;
  • To mainstream Environmental Standards and Regulations issues into Formal Education Curriculum at all Levels; and
  • To mainstream environmental consciousness into all development projects and services.